Periodontal Care in Palm Harbor, FL

High-Quality Periodontal Care

Maintaining good health standing in terms of oral care should be a top priority for everyone. Having painful gums can be very uncomfortable, especially when you're trying to eat. If you're experiencing painful gums and teeth, then you could possibly be suffering from periodontal disease. A periodontist near me is now available in Palm Harbor, Florida at Fundora My Dentist. We provide treatments tailored specifically to you.

Periodontist Near Me: Fundora My Dentist

Periodontics is the dental study of the structure of teeth and gums. Understanding and treating this inflammatory disease is the main goal, and it's treated in numerous ways. Dr. Fundora will provide an extensive examination of the mouth, and some of the most advanced techniques will be used to treat your discomfort. Some individuals may have mild gingivitis while others could possess a severe case of periodontitis. Of course, you wouldn't know this unless you schedule an appointment.

Can Periodontist Near Me Help With Prevention?

As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." This notion rings true for most health conditions, and gum disease can manifest from your daily lifestyle. Keeping the teeth and gums clean is a must as everyone should thoroughly brush and floss on a consistent basis. The idea is to prevent tarter from building up along the gumline. Studies show that smoking cigarettes for many years can also result in gum disease.

Supplementation via vitamins and minerals can help with periodontitis, especially if you take them on a consistent basis. You can add essential vitamins/minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A to your diet. CoQ10 is another good supplement as this nutrient can repair damaged gum tissue via antioxidants. Clove oil and magnesium are two more important nutrients for preventing gum disease. 

What Types of Periodontal Care Are Available?

A periodontist near me like Fundora My Dentist has what it takes to correct your dental issues. When you come to us, we will thoroughly clean your gum line, and we will remove any bacteria lodged into small pockets in your mouth. We will also remove stuck-on plaque to allow your gums to heal. Neglecting gum disease is hazardous to your health and could lead to bone or tooth loss.

Get some of the best periodontal care by calling us or schedule your next dental appointment with Fundora My Dentist. Dr. Fundora is a periodontist you can trust.