Oral Surgery in Palm Harbor, FL

Looking for Oral Surgery

Dental health plays a role in your overall health, and of course, you'll want high-quality treatment delivered with care if you require any services. If you live in the Palm Harbor area and are interested in finding an oral surgeon near me, you can turn to our practice at Fundora My Dentist. At our office, our team is always focused on our patients. We've aimed to create a welcoming environment in which everyone can feel comfortable.

Why Oral Surgery?

Non-invasive procedures are typically preferred more than others, but sometimes, you'll need to take bigger steps in order to resolve a problem. Dr. Marcel Fundora, who has extensive experience in the field, typically recommends surgery in three types of situations:

You've likely heard of the first two. Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for adults when their teeth are heavily damaged. This could be because of decay, a physical injury, or some sort of infection. For younger patients, extractions may be recommended to give their new teeth more space to grow in. In contrast, dental implants are placed to fill in the missing gaps. Dental implants require the surgical placement of titanium posts. These posts can then act as the foundation for prosthetic teeth.

Alveoloplasty is not as commonly known. It might be recommended together with a tooth extraction. Sometimes, when teeth are extracted, the toothless area is uneven. This can make it hard to fit a replacement tooth. The alveoloplasty treatment would smooth out the jawbone and recontour it so that new prosthetic teeth can fit more easily.

There may be other situations in which oral surgery would be the logical solution. Whatever issues you may be experiencing, we can be with you each step of the way.

Oral Surgeon Near Me

At Fundora My Dentist, we recognize that some patients don't exactly look forward to visits to the dentist. When any type of surgery is suggested, this may seem daunting. Rest assured that Dr. Fundora is available to answer any of your questions. We can go over your options with you and give you the time necessary to make your decision about what to do. Part of our work involves educating the people who come to our practice, so we'd be happy to provide you with a better understanding of the services we offer.

If you're dealing with some type of dental issue, it's a good idea to have it taken care of sooner rather than later. Oral surgery may be the right option to pursue. For those of you in Palm Harbor needing an "oral surgeon near me," contact Fundora My Dentist to schedule your appointment.