Dental Bridges Palm Harbor, FL

Looking for Dental Bridges Near Me

A dental bridge is exactly what its name suggests: it spans the gap between teeth. If you need any type of assistance related to a bridge, our team at Fundora My Dentist is ready to help you. Our dentist, Dr. Marcel Fundora, works closely with our staff to care for our local patients.

Why Are Dental Bridges Recommended?

A missing tooth or a missing set of teeth is fairly noticeable. Not having a full set of teeth can make many of our patients feel a little more self-conscious. It may also change the way you talk, as teeth can be important in helping us pronounce certain sounds. Having a gap in your mouth can sometimes make it harder to chew and eat normally. In addition, your other teeth may start to move to take up the empty space. This could lead to other difficulties, including pain related to the movement of your teeth.

Natural teeth are sometimes lost due to decay, injury, or gum disease. While we typically want to preserve natural teeth as best we can, sometimes the most strategic step is to remove a tooth altogether. Fortunately, the industry has developed bridges that do a good job of stepping in. They look and feel like natural teeth, and they can address the issues mentioned above.

Types of Dental Bridges

The most common type of bridge is a traditional fixed bridge. Dental crowns would be placed on the teeth surrounding the gap; these teeth are called abutment teeth. The pontics, which are the false teeth, would span the gap and be affixed to the crowns.

If there is a missing tooth that's next to just one abutment tooth, Dr. Funora would put in a cantilever bridge. This bridge would be anchored only on one side.

If you have teeth missing in the front of your mouth, this may require a resin-bonded bridge. This bridge would be supported by wings that are bonded to your existing teeth.

Finally, you may need an implant-supported bridge. This is just like a traditional fixed bridge, but instead of being anchored by your natural teeth, it would be anchored by dental implants.

Searching for Dental Bridges Near Me

If you live in the Palm Harbor area and are in need of dental bridges near me, reach out to Fundora My Dentist. Dr. Fundora can get you set up with a dental bridge that restores your smile. This process of putting in dental bridges generally involves a few appointments so that we can get your abutment teeth ready and make sure that the dental bridge fits your mouth correctly. We're available to answer your questions at any step along the way. Call our office for an appointment.