Invisalign in Palm Harbor, FL

Patients arrive at the office of Fundora My Dentist looking for assistance with straightening  their smiles. The office of Dr. Marcel Fundora offers traditional braces and clear plastic trays. Our Palm Harbor office provides patients with clear plastic dental trays for straightening their smiles.

What Is Invisalign Near Me?

Invisalign is a system designed to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. The clear plastic trays are removable to help you enjoy their benefits instead of traditional braces. Sharp metal brackets and bands are replaced by removable plastic trays. The benefits of invisible plastic trays include:

  • Keep your oral health routine
  • Less pain compared to traditional braces
  • Fewer Trips to our office
  • Keep your regular diet

Invisalign Near Me is the Less Painful Option

The choice of clear plastic trays is easy to make when compared to traditional braces. Our office provides these clear plastic trays to patients who do not want to have braces installed. The protruding edges of trditional braces can be painful during orthodontist visits. Smooth plastic trays do not have sharp edged to damage your mouth.

Invisalign for Improved Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a big part of modern life. When choosing traditional braces, the brackets can be difficult to keep clean. Bacteria can cause tooth decay and bad breath during your treatment. Our team of dental experts choose Invisalign because of its improved oral hygiene. By Removing the plastic trays you will be able to improve your oral health by cleaning the trays and your teeth in traditional ways.

Invisalign Near Me Saves You Time

Your time is precious to you. Dr. Fundora understands the problem of long orthodontist appointments linked to the use of traditional braces. Clear plastic trays are replaced every six weeks during a short appointment with Dr. Fundora to check the fit. A short appointment every six weeks is easier to handle than the regular tightening of traditional braces.

Improve Your Dental Health With Invisalign Near me

The completion of your treatment plan will make it easy to keep teeth clean and healthy. Straight teeth without bite issues are easier to care for and keep healthy. Your oral health will be improved without gaps and overcrowded teeth.

Invisalign near me is an option worth exploring if you have gaps or a crooked smile. Call our office today to discuss the benefits of Invisalign with Dr. Fundora.

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