Sedation Dentistry

Clearwater, Florida

At Fundora My Dentist, we understand that it sometimes takes courage and a great deal of energy to walk into a dentist's office. We are proud to offer nitrous oxide sedation to provide you with a comfortable and anxiety-free experience as you receive the highest level of care. We strive to ensure your time with us, is one you'll enjoy again and again!

What Is Sedation Dentistry and Who Is a Candidate?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of creating a calm and relaxed state using medication. We usually recommend it for the following:

  • Patients with dental phobia, a deep-rooted fear or anxiety that interferes with getting the needed dental care
  • Patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Patients with a low pain threshold
  • Patients who have special healthcare needs
  • Patients who do not respond well to local anesthetics
  • Patients who require lengthy or complex dental procedures
  • Young patients who are unable to sit still for long periods

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide sedation, better known as laughing gas, is safe and effective for those needing a little extra help getting through their dental appointments. It helps reduce the stress level, and most importantly, our valued patients will learn to trust the place they have chosen to be their dental home.

Nitrous oxide sedation is a minimal form of conscious sedation that involves breathing a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask. You will stay awake and responsive during treatment, but you will be relaxed and comfortable. You may feel dreamy and floaty and may have a slight tingling sensation in your hands and feet. Once we remove the mask, the effects of your nitrous oxide sedation will wear off right away, allowing you to drive home safely!

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Safe?

The combination of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen delivered through a mask is a very safe way to alleviate your anxiety and to help you relax during dental procedures. Unlike other chemicals used during IV sedation or general anesthesia, nitrous oxide does not create any metabolites in the body.

We always ensure the delivery of a maximum of 70 percent nitrous oxide and 30 percent oxygen during treatment, meaning you will be receiving at least 9 percent more oxygen than found in the air. We also have audio and visual safety features to prevent any adverse reactions. As with any procedure, make sure to let us know about any health conditions or medications you are currently taking.

Sedation Dentistry Near Me

We at Fundora My Dentist thank you for allowing us to serve your dental needs! We want you to feel comfortable every time you visit our Clearwater, FL office, so make sure to let us know if you are overly anxious about an upcoming dental visit. We'll do everything possible to ensure your time with us is positive and free of stress. Call us to schedule your appointment today!

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