Dental Fillings

Clearwater, Florida

Even with the most thorough oral hygiene care, tooth decay can develop, and we at Fundora My Dental are here to help. We are proud to offer quality, durable dental fillings to repair decayed teeth and restore their form and function. You can always count on our team for outstanding, personalized care!

Why Would You Need a Dental Filling?

Unlike the rest of the body, teeth with cavities can't heal themselves. Treating dental caries before the tooth suffers irreversible damage will prevent the bacterial infection from reaching the nerve inside the tooth or spreading to the surrounding teeth. Dental fillings offer a permanent solution to restore the natural appearance, health, and integrity of damaged teeth.

What Are the Types of Dental Fillings?

There are various types of fillings available to restore your healthy smile. Dr. Fundora will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the ideal dental material and isolation technique to deliver the best possible treatment results.

Here are the most common types of dental fillings:

Dental Amalgam: Also known as silver fillings, dental amalgam has been used to repair tooth decay and cavities for more than a century. The material is strong and durable, making it ideal for treating molars that need to withstand considerable chewing pressure. Dental amalgam is the most affordable filling material. However, its silver color can sometimes interfere with your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings:  Composite resin fillings known as tooth-colored or white fillings have come a long way. The earlier versions were ideal for treating small to mid-sized cavities withstanding moderate chewing pressure. However, today's modern composites can effectively repair any of your teeth, fortifying the tooth structure and preventing further damage, all with incredibly natural-looking results!

Porcelain or Ceramic Fillings:  Porcelain or ceramic fillings are cosmetic restorations that are closely color and texture-matched to your natural teeth, delivering a seamless smile. Moreover, they are incredibly durable and resistant to staining, giving you the confidence that you'll enjoy a beautifully bright and healthy smile for many years to come!

What Is the Dental Filling Process?

We will start by numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic for your comfort. Next, we will remove all the bacteria-infected tissue and damaged tooth structure, isolate the tooth, and place a specially formulated dental filling material into the cavity. We may use a special light to cure and harden the filling, depending on the type of material used.

The dental filling procedure is relatively straightforward, with minimal to no pain or discomfort. You won't need any downtime, meaning you can resume your everyday habits as soon as the anesthesia wears off!

How Can You Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities?

The best way to lower your risk of tooth decay and cavities is to maintain a meticulous oral hygiene regimen, including regular brushing and flossing. Don't forget to visit Fundora My Dentist for your twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings to ensure your teeth stay in tip-top shape!

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