Dental Fillings in Clearwater, FL

Why Not Get Your Dental Fillings at Fundora My Dentist?

Taking good care of your teeth comes with many rewards from maintaining functionality to displaying great oral aesthetics. Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from pain and tooth sensitivity, which is the result of improper care. If you are searching for dental fillings near me, Fundora My Dentist has the solution for your problems. Creating beautiful smiles is the main goal as we provide periodontal care, restorative dentistry, preventive care, and endodontic care.

Find Dental Fillings Near Me

If you're suffering from pain, infections, or sensitivity, then you may need a dental filling. A dental filling is needed if your tooth or teeth have cavities. Cavities will generally manifest when proper dental care hasn't been practiced. Cavities tend to form between the teeth where food particles tend to lodge. These tiny holes can also form near the gumline or form on the exterior surface of teeth. 

Cavities are the result of poor oral care and tooth decay. A filling can be used to fill the hole, which will give you full functionality for eating. Dental fillings near me at Fundora My Dentist will deliver durable, high-quality fillings via three types of material. These materials include: 

  • Tooth-colored fillings can withstand moderate pressure when chewing. These dental fillings are perfect for small to mid-size cavities.
  • Dental amalgam are silver fillings that are very durable and are used for molars.
  • Porcelain or ceramic fillings are very popular thanks to their natural-looking effects. These durable fillings are also resistant to stains and will last for many years.

The Dental Fillings Process

The process of receiving dental fillings will start with numbing the mouth via local anesthesia, and then the bacteria-infected tissue is removed. The tooth's structure is rebuilt with the addition of formulated filling material. A special light is used to harden or cure the material. Minimum to no discomfort can be expected during the process. Your daily habits can resume because no downtime is expected. 

Cavity prevention is possible with daily flossing and brushing. Visiting your local dentist twice a year can be used to spot potential issues before they fully manifest. Dental fillings will give you more confidence, especially during social situations. 

If you're ready to improve your smile, then schedule an appointment at Fundora My Dentist in Clearwater, Florida or call us for a consultation.